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Memory loss and dementia are growing concerns for Americans. Alzheimer’s disease (AD), the most common cause of dementia in older adults, affects 5.2 million Americans today and is projected to affect 7 million in 2025. There are currently 15.4 million unpaid caregivers and this number is expected to grow at more than twice the rate of AD. The effects of dementing disease can be devastating to patients and families alike. Our MemoryCarePro©  and MemoryCarePartner© web-based  mobile software products provide innovative training for professional direct care providers and expert guidance to those concerned about memory loss in a family member and professional caregivers.


We have developed MemoryCarePartner©, a web-based service with mobile software, that utilizes the core tenets of PDC (Proactive Dementia Care. Proactive Dementia Care was developed in the Cognitive Disorders Clinic at the University of Utah and is designed to prevent foreseeable problems before they develop. The goal of MemoryCarePartner© is to offer expert, proactive dementia services to a broader audience, reaching beyond the clinic threshold, particularly to individuals who live in rural and underserved areas and do not have alternative access to this specialized care. We are currently working to enhance MemoryCarePartner© to better help family caregivers with financial management and legal planning. We also are developing the capabilities of MemoryCarePartner© to train professional caregivers.

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At ProActive Memory Services© we are committed to helping families and caregivers of individuals dealing with a wide range of cognitive impairments. Whether you are worried about a loved one’s failing memory, Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia, we are here to help. You can help shape the tools we are developing. If you have topics you would like to know more about or suggestions about how to make MemoryCarePartner© more helpful to others, contact us here. Thank you!

About Us

The founders of ProActive Memory Services© are an interdisciplinary team of academic clinicians specializing in cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. They developed Proactive Dementia Care through years of experience with patients and their families. They recognized that there were fewer crises and better outcomes when families were brought together for education and to develop plans before the stresses of caregiving pull them apart. This creative, new, integrative and preventive approach to memory care provides a unique way of avoiding delays in care, the pain of misdiagnosis, frustration from inadequate or incomplete evaluation, and the additional costs associated with reacting to crises rather than planning and prevention. As a result of their desire to make this proactive approach to care available to people outside of their clinic setting, they founded ProActive Memory Services, Inc. and developed MemoryCarePartner©.